New Lens Edging Instrument Expands Features for the Outdoors

 New Lens Edging Instrument Expands Features for the Outdoors

Essilor Instruments USA has announced the launch of a new Edging System, named “Mr. Blue Sun & Sport.” This new addition to the Essilor line of lens finishing systems will allow eye care professionals to expand their offerings to produce Chemistrie clips as custom-made sunwear and achieve Half Jacket frame coverage for endurance and extreme sports. The innovative processes are in addition to all the high-end benefits that the current Mr. Blue 2.0 offers.

Professionals are encouraged to visit the Essilor Instruments booth (LP6065) at 2018 Vision Expo West for an in-depth demonstration of Mr. Blue Sun & Sport.

“Essilor Instruments has celebrated over 50 years of best-in-class R&D and manufacturing in lens finishing equipment. With Mr. Blue Sun & Sport, eye care professionals have the opportunity to generate additional revenues by targeting eyewear needs for outdoor activities,” said Samy Lauriette, Senior Vice President, Essilor Instruments Americas.

Visit Essilor for more information on Mr. Blue Sun & Sport.

Source: Essilor Instruments USA

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