Accenture Develops AI-Powered Solution for the Visually Impaired

 Accenture Develops AI-Powered Solution for the Visually Impaired

Accenture has developed a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution to help the visually impaired improve the way they experience the world around them and enhance their productivity in the workplace.

The solution, called Drishti, reportedly provides smartphone-based assistance using AI technologies such as image recognition, natural language processing and natural language generation capabilities to describe the environment of a visually impaired person. The application can reportedly provide narration to the user of what other people are in a room with them, including descriptions of their ages, genders, and even emotions based on facial expressions. It can also reportedly be used to narrate text from books and documents, including currency notes, and identify obstructions like glass doors to help improve the user's safety. And Drishti can reportedly be integrated with certain smartglass technologies.

Drishti was reportedly first developed and tested with 10 blind professionals through a collaboration with the National Association for the Blind in India. According to Accenture, the company plans to introduce the application to more than 100 visually impaired employees in India, and pilot the program in South Africa and Argentina with a Spanish language version.

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Source: Accenture

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