Rendia, ODs on Facebook Announces Optometry Student Scholarship Winners

 Rendia, ODs on Facebook Announces Optometry Student Scholarship Winners

Patient engagement platform provider Rendia and the Facebook group ODs on Facebook recently announced the two winners of its first annual Memorable Conversations Scholarship — third-year students Kandace Alfred from UMSL College of Optometry and Jason Foote from Southern College of Optometry.

Third-year optometry students were reportedly invited to submit creative videos of three minutes or less that showed judges the most creative way they could explain a difficult eye condition or disease without using any traditional medical illustrations or supplies. Additionally, students were required to submit an essay explaining how when they enter practice, they will ensure their conversations are memorable and patients remember their critical messages.

Submissions were judged and two students were reportedly chosen to receive $5,000 scholarships. Alfred reportedly submitted a video demonstrating floaters by using Jell-O. And Foote's video reportedly used a camera lens to demonstrate how presbyopia can develop as people age.

Click here to read the full blog post on Rendia's site and view the winning video submissions.

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Source: Rendia

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