Vmax Vision, Inc. and First Insight Corporation Announce Bi-directional Integration with Vmax PSF Refractor and MaximEyes SQL EHR

First Insight Corporation

September 7, 2012 (Las Vegas, NV) – Vmax Vision, Inc. and First Insight Corporation will release a new bi-directional integration for exchanging examination data with the Vmax PSF Refractor and First Insight’s flagship software, MaximEyes SQL Certified EHR at Vision Expo West (VEW) in Las Vegas, NV. Visit Vmax Vision at VEW Booth LP10069 and First Insight at Booth MS6059.

The new software interface allows a PSF refraction exam to be launched from the EHR. The PSF permits the operator to choose auto refraction, manifest refraction or lens refraction as the starting point for the refraction exam. The PSF also features a direct comparison of the quality of vision of the final PSF Rx to any of the input data set Rx, showing the superior vision provided by the PSF refraction. The connection with an EHR eliminates manual data entry or human errors.

“In partnering with Vmax Vision, First Insight continues its dedication to expand EHR functionalities and partner equipment integrations that will enhance office efficiencies,” said Nitin Rai, president of First Insight. “This two-way integration provides an easy and quick way for practices to export data to and from MaximEyes SQL EHR and the Vmax PSF Refractor." “The new interface requires only one data entry, simultaneously eliminating the risk of importation errors, saving time for practices, while providing practices and patients with the increased precision of a subjective refraction from the PSF Refractor,” says Shui Lai, PhD, CEO of Vmax Vision.

Introduced in April 2011, the PSF Refractor measures a patient’s subjective visual response to a point source, enabling a highly precise refraction to 0.05D – five times more precise than the traditional phoropter. The unique PSF Refraction corrects for higher-order aberrations and helps prevent over-misusing of prescriptions. In addition, the PSF Refraction enables the first true night vision correction, identifying and correcting night time-specific visual aberrations.

When combined with proprietary Encepsion™ Lenses from Vmax Vision – advanced digital progressive and single vision lens designs, and the only lenses to incorporate the PSF Refraction – patients enjoy remarkable clarity, extra-wide fields of view, complete visual comfort, and a true solution to night vision problems via a unique Rx and second pair of glasses.

About Vmax Vision
Vmax Vision, Inc. is a Florida-based ophthalmic company that offers a Point Spread Function (PSF) refractor for achieving the best possible vision and the free-form progressive addition lens (PALs) Encepsion. For more information visit http://www.vmaxvision.com/.

About First Insight Corporation
First Insight Corporation, based in Hillsboro, OR, is a practice management and certified EHR solutions expert and proven partner in the vision care industry. The company’s focus has been to help doctors achieve a paperless practice through MaximEyes, its flagship software. MaximEyes helps thousands of eye care professionals increase revenue, reduce billing errors, improve patient retention, enhance office efficiency, and relieve the stress of regulatory requirements. MaximEyes is Cloud enabled and HL7 compliant. For more information visit http://www.first-insight.com/.

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