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Stereo Optical

Booth # LP11064

For over 60 years, Stereo Optical continues to be an expert in manufacturing, selling, and global distribution for all of your vision screening needs. We offer highly regarded Optec vision screeners, Gold Standard stereotests, Teller Acuity Cards, Ishihara Color Tests, projector slides, and ophthalmic products.

Stereo Optical will be offering special pricing on all orders placed on the show floor at Vision Expo West. Stop by our booth and check out our range of vision screening product. The Optec® 5000 series  conducts simple, accurate, and repeatable visual screening tests in a few minutes. In addition to screening subjects under a variety of conditions - including monocular, binocular, near, distance, Stereo Opticaland daytime - the 5000 model is lightweight, portable, and features a convenient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system.

Contact Information:

Phone: 773-867-0380
Fax: 773-867-0388
Email: [email protected]
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