Topcon Announces the 350th Installation of the Maestro Fully Automated OCT System

 Topcon Announces the 350th Installation of the Maestro OCT

New Jersey-based eye care diagnostic equipment and software provider Topcon Medical Systems are pleased to announce the installation of the 350th Topcon Maestro Fully Automated OCT/Fundus Camera into Specsavers retail locations across Australia and New Zealand.

After careful consideration of several devices, Specsavers chose to incorporate the Maestro OCT into all its locations based on its ease of use, space-saving design, enhanced diagnostic tools and clinical accuracy. Over the past 3 years, it has been gradually adding the Maestro to all its stores, with the help of Device Technologies, Topcon’s authorized distributor in Australia, who have handled the installation, delivery and training of the 350 devices across both countries.

With its compact design, 12×9 widefield scan and built-in fundus camera, the Maestro OCT provides advanced clinical information to eye care providers and facilitates accurate diagnosis. Its PinPoint Registration™ enables the clinician to overlay the OCT image onto the fundus image and see a clear picture of the patient’s ocular condition. In addition to its clinical utility, the automated features of the Maestro, including auto-focus, auto alignment, and auto capture, not only enhance the clinic’s workflow but also save valuable time for the patient.

“We were looking for an OCT device that would provide unparalleled accuracy and advanced clinical information in a user-friendly platform that could be easily incorporated into each store’s workflow. We found all those things and more in the Topcon Maestro. The Maestro OCT has enabled us to not only improve our standard of patient care but also to help us in our mission to transform the eye health of Australians and New Zealanders,” said Dr. Ben Ashby, Director of Optometry, Australia and New Zealand.

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