Warby Parker Launches Mobile Refraction Service

 Warby Parker Launches Mobile Refraction Service

Online prescription eyewear seller Warby Parker recently launched an app that reportedly allows an eye doctor to assess a person's vision — if they are eligible — and provide them with an updated glasses prescription.

According to Warby Parker's website, the new app called Prescription Check is a mobile refraction service. Consumers wanting to use the app are reportedly first asked a variety of questions including their location, eye health and age to assess whether or not they are eligible to use the app.

If they are eligible, they are then reportedly guided through a series of test to determine how well they are seeing with their current prescription, and also measure their refractive error. According to Warby Parker, all results are reviewed by an eye doctor who provides an updated prescription as needed that can be used anywhere. Results are reportedly provided within 24 hours.

The reviewing eye doctor may also reportedly recommend users get a comprehensive eye exam. And Warby Parker states on their site the Prescription Check is not a comprehensive eye health exam and is not meant to replace visits to an eye doctor.

The app is reportedly currently being released to a limited audience, with a larger release expected in the near future.

Image courtesy Warby Parker

Click here to read more about the app on Warby Parker's website.

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Source: Warby Parker

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