Think About Your Eyes Celebrates 2016 Results, Launches 2017 Advertising Campaign

 Think About Your Eyes Celebrates 2016 Results, Launches 2017 Advertising Campaign

Vision industry national public awareness campaign Think About Your Eyes recently announced results from 2016 and launched is 2017 national advertising campaign.

According to The Vision Council’s VisionWatch market research team, more than 1.15 million exams can be attributed directly to Think About Your Eyes advertising — an increase from 828,000 in 2015. Additionally, patients who have taken action because of Think About Your Eyes continue to report a shorter exam cycle — from 24 months to 14 months for 2016 — a 42 percent improvement.

The program's 2016 advertising campaign reportedly generated 1.3 billion consumer impressions through national advertising. Additionally, the campaign garnered the support of 37 state optometric associations to date.

This year's advertising campaign officially launched on Monday, February 13th, and reportedly features an increase in advertising budget and updated advertising placements, thanks to increased funding from industry partners. Running through the end of September, the campaign reportedly includes ads in 15 million spots on podcasts and online audio (Pandora and Spotify), 14 million online video spots, and 6 million digital banner ads across 2,000 top websites like The New York Times and ESPN.

Additionally, broadcast ads will appear in primetime across 27 cable networks. And for the first time ever, Think About Your Eyes ads will appear on broadcast networks, specifically ABC and NBC, during primetime programming and sporting events, including NBA and MLB games.

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Source: Think About Your Eyes

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