Santinelli Holds Worldwide Lens Edge Summit Meeting

 Santinelli Holds Worldwide Lens Edge Summit Meeting

Santinelli International recently held the 20th anniversary Worldwide Lens Edger Summit Meeting for global distributors of NIDEK lens edging equipment in Milan, Italy.

Santinelli reportedly first envisioned and initiated the annual Summit Meeting for NIDEK's 95 global distributors soon after becoming the exclusive U.S. distributor of NIDEK lens edging equipment. The summit meeting was born out of a desire to share industry news, identify opportunities, announce new product developments, and create camaraderie amongst the international group of distributors who share a unified goal.

As the originator of the concept, Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO of Santinelli International, was appointed Chairperson of the event, a position he held until stepping down in 2014.

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Source: Santinelli International

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