The Lens Update — October 25, 2016

 The Lens Update — October 25, 2016

Here’s a look at the latest news in lenses and lens-related technologies. 

  • Earlier this month, HOYA Corporation entered into an agreement to acquire global ophthalmic lens manufacturer Performance Optics, LLC, including its subsidiaries Vision Ease and Daemyung Optical. The acquisition will reportedly strengthen Hoya's customer reach and broaden its product portfolio. Additionally, Hoya Vision Care has expanded its New Medical Optics portfolio with iD Space, Screen and Zoom — three new free form lens designs that use Hoya's patented Integrated Double Surface Design (IDSD) to help bridge the gap between technology and experience.
  • Swiss company Sensimed AG has expanded its current collaboration with Japanese contact lens manufacturer SEED, allowing the companies to combine efforts to work to obtain registration of the Sensimed Triggerfish® and conduct key pivotal clinical activities in Japan. Developed by Sensimed, the Triggerfish is a non-invasive soft contact lens-based solution for the management of glaucoma.
  • Visionary Optics has recently launched Europa for Presbyopia Scleral Lenses that allows wearers to focus on near objects while also enhancing their distance vision (see press release below). The lenses are a concentric bifocal design with a near center front surface, while the back surface is that of the Europa scleral lens. They can be ordered up to +3.50 ADD and the near zone is adjustable. They are also available in bi-toric (front toric and toric haptics).
  • Contamac Ltd. has received U.S. FDA clearance for its Tangible Hydra-PEG (K161100) novel contact lens coating technology that encapsulates the Optimum GP material in an ultra thin layer of a PEG-based polymer (polyethylene glycol), creating a lens surface that is extremely wettable and very lubricious. The technology was reportedly developed to help reduce the disruption to the ocular surface caused by placing a lens on the eye to create a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • VSP Optics Group has launched TechShield Blue — a next-generation anti-reflective (AR) coating that reduces blue light exposure while maintaining natural transmittance of light across the rest of the visible spectrum. The new product will replace VSP's Sharper Image TechShield and is offered on all lens designs and materials.
  • WeeTect recently introduced a new photochromic lens for the eyewear and face shield industries. Called WeeTect Photochromic Lens (WPL), it is manufactured from either photochromic film co-injection molding or coating applied to polycarbonate lenses and also incorporates anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-fingerprint coatings.
  • Signet Armorlite, Inc. recently announced the availability of new and improved Kodak Lens Intelligent Dispensing Software, known as Kodak Lens ids. The program has reportedly been updated to be more advanced and easier to use, using enhanced visual simulations and augmented reality technology, in addition to functioning as a digital measuring device. Designed to operate on an iPad, the improved software also features an updated FRED (Frame Reference Device) and a "spirit level" function to make measuring easier and improve overall accuracy.
  • Soft contact lens manufacturer CooperVision recently launched a new website to provide ECPs with details about the benefits of contact lenses with high oxygen transmissibility. And CooperVision also announced it has renewed its commitment to Optometry Giving Sight as a Global Gold Sponsor for another three years.
  • And a former Microsoft engineer has developed ContaX Contact Lens Cases, which are currently seeking funding through Indiegogo. ContaX are reportedly a highly bacteria-resistant contact lens case made with an elegant design and high quality material, and are leak-proof, durable, collapsible and easy to use.
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