In Honor of World Sight Day (Oct. 9), OneSight Offers a Glimpse of What It’s like to be One of the 563 Million People Who Can’t See


OneSight, a non-profit devoted to eradicating the global vision crisis, will simulate a visually impaired experience at (#thewayweseeit)

For 563 million people, the world is a blur. In honor of World Sight Day, a global event to drive awareness around blindness and visual impairment, OneSight hopes to give people a sense of what that’s like.

A nonprofit committed to changing lives with an eye exam and a pair of glasses, OneSight has helped over 8.5 million people. Founded on the belief that access to vision care is a basic human right, OneSight operates charitable vision clinics around the world and sustainable vision centers in The Gambia and the United States. This week alone OneSight volunteers will be providing access to quality vision care and eyewear in underserved communities in Indonesia, Nicaragua, Minneapolis and Cincinnati.

On World Sight Day, OneSight’s The Way We See It campaign will generate awareness of the global vision crisis and raise donations that will provide direct vision care access to those in need. A unique microsite experience at will provide a sense of what life is like through the eyes of a girl without access to vision care. Viewers will experience her five-foot universe in order to understand the difficulties of getting through a normal day with blurry vision.

Dr. Jason Singh, OD and Executive Director of OneSight, believes vision care is not just a healthcare issue, but also an education and socio-economic issue. “80% of what children learn is visual, which means children who see better learn better. And adults who see better produce 20% more in their jobs,” said Singh. “With an eye exam and a simple pair of glasses, we can help people realize their full potential. This campaign is about helping people understand the reality and impact of the crisis and showing them how they can help solve it.” launches on October 4.

About OneSight

OneSight is an independent nonprofit providing access to quality eye care and new eyewear in underserved communities worldwide. Since 1988, OneSight has partnered with local health organizations, governments, school districts, industry leaders, doctors and volunteers to help more than 8.5 million people in 40 countries. In 2014, OneSight will serve more than 250,000 people in 14 countries through its charitable vision clinics and sustainable vision centers. OneSight’s programs are made possible thanks to generous sponsorship and volunteer support from Luxottica, its affiliated brands and many individuals, corporations, foundations, industry and community partners.

World Sight Day (October 9, 2014) is a global event that raises awareness about the vision crisis and educates audiences on blindness prevention. Established by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness with support from the World Health Organization, the event is observed on the second Thursday of October each year.

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