Biosyntrx Announces Best-selling Macula Complete Renamed Eye & Body Complete

Company’s Bold Move Speaks to Full Range of Product Benefits

Colorado Springs, CO- July 9, 2014-- Biosyntrx, a privately held nutrition science company with major emphases on ocular and body health, as well as nutrition science and lifestyle education, has announced Macula Complete is being reintroduced as Eye & Body Complete so that both the eye care professional and their patients better understand the multiple benefits of this formulation.

Eye & Body Complete is made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and manufactured in an FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, designed to safely address the nutrient deficiencies associated with diseases of the eye and the entire body, to increase energy, and to promote full-body wellness. Over the past 12 years, millions of doctor-recommended doses have been used by satisfied consumers with no adverse reactions.

Eye & Body Complete is the only all-in-one multiple in the eye care sector that provides extra-strength, safe and convenient, full-spectrum range of active ingredients for the diagnosed macula and retina degeneration patient, who want one-product convenient protection for their eyes and entire body from nutritional deficiencies linked to increased risk of all age-related degenerative diseases.

A number of landmark studies now support the use of nutrients to prevent or slow the progression of disease and to increase full-body well-being. The conclusions from this data are revolutionizing the way eye doctors and the public now look at degenerative disease prevention and progression.

Eye & Body Complete is available for immediate sale, and more information can be found on the Biosyntrx website at

About Biosyntrx, Inc.:

Biosyntrx is 12- year-old nutrition and lifestyle Company with emphasis on ophthalmic nutrition science, professional crosstalk, and healthy lifestyle education. The primary Biosyntrx eye care professional (ECP)-recommended products are BioTears, a patented product that addresses the systemic nutrient needs of the dry eye patient, with millions of doses safely used by satisfied repeat customers; Eye & Body Complete (formerly Macula Complete), a potent full-spectrum multiple designed for those concerned about AMD, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, lack of energy, and optimal full-body health, also with millions of doses safely used by satisfied repeat customers. Oculair, a less potent full-body multiple, SightC+ for those who want or need daily or occasional mega doses of mineral-buffered vitamin C, Zeaxanthin-4 for those who want a 4 mg standalone zeaxanthin product, and EpiCor, a clinically proven immune system modulator. 

Registration for the popular free Biosyntrx nutrition science Friday Pearls, Tasty Tuesday nutrient-dense recipes, and the Sunday Morning from the Intersection of Science, Art, Music, and Humanities is available on the home page of the Biosyntrx website, 

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